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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Box Full of LeftOver Basil and the Moving tale of Two Old Potatoes

I have two large potatoes, they are really old, nearly about to sprout, they have been lying in my vegetable basket for over a week. These potatoes are sticky, starchy and ripe for some homemade Gnocchi. The Basil here has the same tale to tell, I used it for some soup a few days ago and it is waiting in my refrigerator for its destiny to be sealed. I will do them both justice today, make me a classic Italian potato pasta in Basil Pesto.

Potato pasta in Basil pesto
Old potatoes       2 large, boiled
Refined Flour      ¾ Cup
Salt                       to taste
Butter                 10g
For pesto
Garlic                 3 cloves
Walnuts             5
Basil                   Handfull
Parmesan Cheese         40g
Cream            ½ Cup
For Granish:
Parmesan shavings

Grate the boiled potato and then mash it well with a fork. On a flat surface mix in the salt and flour little by little with the potato and knead it into the dough. If the dough is still sticky add in more flour. If the dough is too dry, add in one egg.

Now, roll the dough into a snake shape long cylinder and cut it into equal ½ inch pieces. 

Take the pillow shape dough and press it with your index finger on a fork dipped in oil to give it a C shape. Shape all the Gnocchi pillows in the same manner.

Heat 1 pint of water in a deep, heavy bottom pan. Once the water the starts boiling add in the gnocchi, few at a time, once cooked the cooked will pop back to the surface of the boiling water. Remove the Gnocchi and set aside.

For the Pesto, grind and blend together garlic, basil, cheese, walnuts and cream into a fine homogeneous paste.

Heat butter in a pan add the gnocchi, add the pesto and toss until they mix well. Serve Hot with Parmesan Shavings.