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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Six Guidelines for the Next Time You Eat At Barbeque Nation.

Name: Barbeque Nation
Location : Sayaji Hotel, Hinjewadi, Pune
Contact Number: 020 - 42121212

Barbeque Nation, the World on a Grill. A Non-vegetarian Buffet for Five Fifty Rupees (as on date) and vegetarian for five hundred is a steal. That is the weekday price inclusive of all taxes. I bet you cannot get a better deal for such a wide selection of good quality and great tasting grills, main course items and desserts. This is probably why there is a long queue of patrons waiting patiently for a table in the Hinjewadi BBQ Nation, all seven days of the week. So, keep that in mind, which leads us to the first tip.

First : If you are planning an evening at BBQ Nation, for two or for twenty, make a reservation. Even for a weekday booking at BBQ Nation, Hinjewadi it is important to make a reservation at least a day or two prior to get a confirmed reservation. If you don’t make a reservation, be ready with a picnic basket and crosswords to pass a couple of hours outside the restaurant. If you call early on the same day for a reservation, especially on a weekend, more often than not, you will not get a confirmed reservation.

I am telling you, because I have spoiled an evening. I called on Saturday morning to book a table for the same evening, did not get a confirmed table, got there at seven ten that evening and the restaurant was full with a long queue of people waiting outside. It seemed as though they were distributing free food. This time I was smart enough to make a confirmed reservation for my father’s birthday, two days prior to the occasion. They book in two slots only, 7:30pm and 10:15pm, confirm a bunch of times and nearly threaten you to get there in time if you want a table. Believe me, it all seemed pretty rude, pricey almost insulting to be told that many times to be in time, like a teacher would threaten primary school children.

We were on time, and considering the huge crowd waiting outside, the restaurant policy seemed reasonable. I would still prefer if they had toned it down a little though.

Second: Be sure to starve yourself for a meal or two prior to stuffing yourself at BBQ Nation. Take my advice you will thank me for this even if you are a big eater. This place is heaven for foodies and you will be full just trying all the items on the menu.

Third: This one is for the ladies only or at least I hope it is. Do not wear a tight dress to this dinner. I know we all love, to pull out those LBDs for a fancy dinner date, but choose one that is loose and forgiving. So that, while you are looking pretty perfect, you can down lots of those kebabs too since we both know we don’t want to miss out on the yummy food. As for the gentlemen, well, try not going for the tight trousers, buttons popping is not forbidden but frowned upon, like peeing while swimming in the sea.

Fourth: Moving on, the crab claws in the seafood curry were gorgeous. Remember to ask for crab hammer or cutter to be brought to your table. They do not bring them on their own and you don’t want to be in my shoes and wound your mouth or break your teeth while breaking the crab claws with them.

Fifth Tip: Don’t fill yourself up with the kebabs because the main course is worth a binge. Don’t fill yourself up with the main course because the dessert is worth a binge.

Sixth Tip: Vegetarians, on your own or accompanied by non-vegetarians, let not the word grill misguide you. BBQ Nation has a great selection of grills and main course for vegetarians as well. There is a wide variety of vegetarian items, marked efficiently apart from the non-vegetarian items, with great taste and quality. You don’t want to miss this.

Mutton seekh kebabs, were juicy and delicious in particular. The chicken grills, tangdi and the chicken main course, murgh lazeez were average in taste and quality. The chicken kebabs as well as curry made me believe that the standard of taste and quality has gone down at BBQ Nation. Apart from the chicken preparations, the buffet and grills were very good, in terms of variety, quality and taste. The service made the experience very special. There was a crispy corn, not mentioned on the menu but served on that day, it was crispy and amazing, taste-wise, the best among the rest. The gulabjamuns and white forest pudding were stood out in taste among the other desserts. The service was great. Value for money, awesome! It was an evening well spent and certainly worth the prior planning. My take, a little work on the chicken preparations, would work wonders.
Rating: Great Service +Good Ambience + Very Good Food + Great Value for Money = Excellent
             8 on 10


chef manish said...

Good kriti keep it up.....much information......

Kriti S. Saxena said...

Thank You Chef Manish