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Sunday, January 22, 2012

7 Reasons To Eat or Not To Eat At Invitation’s Today; Sadanand Regency

Name: Invitation’s today, Sadanand Regency Hotel

Location: Ahead of National Sports Complex, Pune towards Hinjewadi. Located On the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway.

Date of Visit: 19th January, 2012 (Dinner Hour)

 You Must Try Dum Ka Murgh at Invitations Today.

Reasons To Eat.

Reason 1: The Location. Being right on the Mumbai- Bangalore Highway and close to the offices in Hinjewadi as well as Infotech Park this place is elegant and affordable.

Reason 2: This place has great ambience for the price bracket it serves. They have a well-lit and well-spaced out setting in the dining area. The bar set-up really stands out and furniture is neat and classy. I have been to this place a couple of times and it is usually peaceful and non chaotic.

Reason 3: The items on their menu and the variety of cuisines they have to offer sets this place apart from others in its category. Although like many other restaurants Invitations Today offers Indian, Oriental and Continental dishes, their selection of pastas, unique starters and soups is a breath of fresh air from regular menus. Tired of regular soups? Try Beijing Soup at this place. It is delicious.

Reason 4: Value For Money. A dinner for six adults with beer and without desserts cost us a little over fifteen hundred bucks. They also offer a regular buffet spread without starters which costs about 250 INR per person as on 18th January, 2012. With good ambience and good food, this is a good bargain.

Reasons To Not Eat

Reason 5: Recommendations by the Service Staff were not satisfactory. Simply because sweetish kebabs are not my favourite pick, the server ought to have mentioned that those moist, succulent kebabs he had recommended were sweet.

Reason 6: Continental Cuisine was not satisfactory.  The Spaghetti Milanese was very disappointing. The spaghetti was very sticky, dry and cold. The preparation was bland and substandard.

Reason 7: Dessert Selection. Although most multi-cuisine restaurants with an ala carte menu have limited items in the dessert section, since the menu of this restaurant was unique and special, a little more variety in desserts wouldn’t hurt.  

Clearly, the reasons to eat in this case are more than reasons not to eat. Do try out this restaurant at Sadanand Regency, it is clean, elegant and reasonably priced.

Ambience: 8/ 10 Very Good

Value For Money: 8/ 10 Very Good

Menu: 8/ 10 Very Good

Food: 7/ 10 Good

Service: 7/ 10 Good

That Thing About This Place: 7/ 10 Good

Very Good Ambience + Very Good Value For Money + Very Good Menu + Good Food + Good service + Good That thing About This Place = Very Good

Rating = 8/ 10